Gut Health

Do you love your gut? If you're anything like us, you probably only think about your gut health when it's causing you trouble. Indigestion. Heartburn. Bloating. Food Sensitivity. Inflammation and immune system attacks. When you show your gut a little love with our products, you just may be amazed with your results! Click on each product to learn more about its ingredients and benefits.

Repair is a fiber drink for complete gut support with ingredients shown to sooth the occasional discomforts of a bloated, gassy gut. It supports the restorative processes that your gut needs to digest food and absorb all the powerful nutrients food has to offer. Simply mix it with 16 ounces of water and enjoy first thing in the morning to start your day off right. It can also be mixed into your favorite smoothie recipe.

In convenient easy-to-take "pixie stick" form, each packet is a proprietary symbiotic blend that’s scientifically formulated to balance your gut-bacteria. You literally take these packets like the sugar sticks from childhood, just pour directly on your tongue. They're more effective than capsules and packed with 40 BILLION live cultures for restoring healthy gut bacteria. This guarantees 20 billion are still active all the way to product expiration.

Digestwel+ chewable enzymes are a unique formula of supplementary enzymes that help your body’s gastrointestinal tract efficiently digest all types of food. As a result, you'll enjoy increased nutrient absorption and reduced gastric reflux and intestinal discomfort. Take one tablet just prior to or during each meal three times daily (or twice a day if using Repair at breakfast).

This easy to apply roll-on oil works to support gastrointestinal health by improving digestion and elimination.