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Bliss (Balance) Spray
For optimal wellness, every single one of us needs adequate quality sleep, which is second in importance only to our diet. Our spray safely and reliably modulates serotonin levels to help you level out. Thanks to several use patents and a controlled human trial, Bliss offers quick uninterrupted sleep that refreshes. But this sleep spray does more than just help you sleep. Please note possible side effects: lowered anxiety, an increased sense of well-being, and positive effects on libido.

The effectiveness on sleep has been demonstrated in a clinical trial. 52 subjects were randomly assigned in double-blind fashion to receive bliss™ (27 subjects) or a placebo (25 subjects) for 4 weeks. Compared to the placebo group, the Bliss group:
- Had 8% less Tension
- Had 15% less Depression
- Had 25% less Irritability
- Fell asleep 33% faster
- Slept 10% longer (more minutes)
- Had 50% better sleep “efficiency”
- Had 40% better sleep “quality”
- Woke up 30% fewer times each night
- Experienced 24% more time in deep REM sleep